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In tears

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Hi everyone. On early Saturday morning i went to get my puppy. Actually two, one for me and one for my cousin.

When we arrived to Arkansas late Saturday evening, i received bad news. My pyuppy died. My little girl did not want to eat. Why she died, we dont know and neither does the breeder or the vet. She was less than a pound and my quess is that she was taken away from the mother too soon. (8 weeks)

The other girl is fine and instead of giving her to my cousin, i decided to keep her....since she is her only sister and i know they have the same blood, she will always remaind me of the other one. My cousin got a different puppy, a 4 month old little girl, also very tiny and very cute.

I still cant shake over it. On the way back home i couldnt stop crying.... although i never got to hold her, i received many pictures. Now i know she is gone and i dont think anyone will ever understand what i went through or how i feel...(maybe some of you in this forum. My family thinks im psycho... and that i shouldnt cry but get over it.)

I was going to name her MEE MEE but since shes gone, i have to think of a new name, and i have no idea what to name her.

The other puppy (my cousins) is doing fine. It alsmost feels wrong that i took her pupy, but it just felt right to do.

I just wanted to share this with you (those that understand)
It willl be very hard to forget and go on but what else is there to do...
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Oh my gosh, what a hard time you are going through right now. The loss of a pet is so hard to cope with! Don't worry about what your family thinks of your crying. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry about you losing little Mee Mee. How painful that is. You're right that we on this forum understand completely your grief in ways that your family and friends, as well meaning as they may be, just cannot.

My guess is that your guess is absolutely on target....that baby was taken from Mom waaaay too soon. 8 weeks!? 1 lb!? And the vet and the breeder didn't know why she wouldn't eat? Please!!!! Excuse me because I don't mean to add to your sorrow, but I really question that so-called breeder. Did she actually breed Mee Mee's parents or did she get her from somewhere else? It's outrageous that she caused you such hardship.
So sorry to hear about your loss. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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Thatnks guys, you make me feel better.

Me Me's parents were tiny as well, but i dont know if she did breed them or not.

I named the little girl Mini. She is doing fine and is very cute. I have some pictures from the trip so i will probably post them tonight.

Thanks everyone for adding your own thoughts.
Ania~ I am sorry to hear about your puppy! I can understand what it feels like to get attached w/out even seeing them in person.
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Sorry for your loss

I am glad though that you were able to keep her sister..... and you have chosen a wonderufl name for her. Please keep us posted on her progress. and post some pictures soon.

Is your cousin happy with her new pup also?

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Yes, my cousin is very happy with her pup. I quess it was ment to be.
The puppy i have is very cute as well. I will post pictures when i figure out how to... I have lots of them...

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