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If you are interested in a shorter cut, maybe you could try something like going an inch shorter each time she is groomed, then you could "warm up" to the idea of her being shorter and it not be in such shock.

As for the hair in the eyes, maybe clipping the hairs pretty short in that area may be helpful.

Be sure to see how the groomer interacts with Sassy and check out the cleanliness of the shop. I've seen some nasty ones! Be sure to ask about sanitation and how she cleans up after each animal.

Also, you could bring some pictures of various dog coat lengths that you like (check out the SM gallery for ideas) to give her an idea of what you are looking for.

I have only had Toby "professionally" groomed (and I use that term loosely) twice and to me it was more important to see that the shop was clean and that Toby was handled correctly rather than how he came out looking.

One last thing, ask how she plans on drying Sassy. Steer clear of anyone wanting to use a cage dryer!

Good Luck and be sure to post "before" and "after" pictures!
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