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Interviewing a groomer this Friday..haircut ideas?

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Ok gang, I need us all to put our heads together.
I am taking Sassy to a groomer Friday just for a consult and to interview the groomer. I taking Sassy along because I want her to actually see Sassy's coat and also see how she reacts towards Sassy. We have talked over the phone but you know how that goes. I described Sassy's coat but I want her to see for herself. She said that she rarely sees a Maltese with the proper thick silky coat, that she sees thin stringy ones. Anywho, I am thinking about trimming Sassy up a little so that I can put some little cutsie clothes on her this winter; however, I just know I am going to kick myself if I do it. This groomer says that she can trim her up a little so as to keep her coat long but make it more manageable time wise. I have to confess, blow drying for over an hour and a half every week can be a chore. Sometimes I look at all of the cute puppy cuts and I think Sassy would look so adorable because she has such a pretty little face. But, then I look at her coat and I think, naaaaaaaa. I even like the ones that look like she did when she was about 10 months old. You know the half in between ones. I have one of her like that in my gallery. If nothing else I think I want to trim her face or at least around her eyes a little. Poor little thing, eventhough I keep her in a top know, it seems that she is always getting hair stuck to her eyeballs. :new_Eyecrazy: It seems like that would have to hurt. Do you ladies have any suggestions? Has anyone gone from full coat to a more managable cut? If so, are you happy that you made that choice? This decision is driving me
My husband is always suggesting a cut, and I just smile and say maybe one day. Help me out here friends.
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Hi Sassy's Mommy, A few months ago I had Catcher cut from a fairly long "do" to a puppy cut and I was sooo happy. He does not have the gorgeous hair that Sassy does, so that could make a difference. He has thick, cottony hair and I've heard that those with that type hair actually do better in a puppy cut than those with silky hair.

But I love the shorter cut. It mats a whole lot less and he seemed to like it, too!! And I love seeing his cute, little body!

What I did with Catcher is I had her leave the length of the face, ears, etc. the same and she just trimmed the body. She even left a nice amount of hair on his legs.

This post from our "resident SM grooming expert" JMM shows the proper way to do a puppy cut. I printed it out and took it to my groomer when I had Catcher's puppy cut done.

Puppy Cut Pictorial Thread from JMM

Good luck with the appointment and keep us posted!!! And we'll have to see before and after pics!!!
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