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Interviewing a groomer this Friday..haircut ideas?

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Ok gang, I need us all to put our heads together.
I am taking Sassy to a groomer Friday just for a consult and to interview the groomer. I taking Sassy along because I want her to actually see Sassy's coat and also see how she reacts towards Sassy. We have talked over the phone but you know how that goes. I described Sassy's coat but I want her to see for herself. She said that she rarely sees a Maltese with the proper thick silky coat, that she sees thin stringy ones. Anywho, I am thinking about trimming Sassy up a little so that I can put some little cutsie clothes on her this winter; however, I just know I am going to kick myself if I do it. This groomer says that she can trim her up a little so as to keep her coat long but make it more manageable time wise. I have to confess, blow drying for over an hour and a half every week can be a chore. Sometimes I look at all of the cute puppy cuts and I think Sassy would look so adorable because she has such a pretty little face. But, then I look at her coat and I think, naaaaaaaa. I even like the ones that look like she did when she was about 10 months old. You know the half in between ones. I have one of her like that in my gallery. If nothing else I think I want to trim her face or at least around her eyes a little. Poor little thing, eventhough I keep her in a top know, it seems that she is always getting hair stuck to her eyeballs. :new_Eyecrazy: It seems like that would have to hurt. Do you ladies have any suggestions? Has anyone gone from full coat to a more managable cut? If so, are you happy that you made that choice? This decision is driving me
My husband is always suggesting a cut, and I just smile and say maybe one day. Help me out here friends.
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Originally posted by Nichole@Sep 1 2005, 02:23 AM
One last thing, ask how she plans on drying Sassy.  Steer clear of anyone wanting to use a cage dryer!

Good Luck and be sure to post "before" and "after" pictures! 

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We discussed the drying issue over the phone. She says she hand drys all her dogs. And she says she only scissor cuts Maltese. She is supposed to be a "Master Groomer" with 27 years experience. For whatever that is worth. I have a lot of questions before anyone gets out the scissors. Trust me.

Sassy has only been professionally
trimmed once. The
groomer used a slicker brush to slick Sassy's long coat down (breaking it as she went along) then she was supposed to clip the bottom of her coat even with the table. Needless to say, after she was done and Sassy started moving around. The body in her hair made it bounce up to about 1"--2" off of the floor. I was not a happy camper, but her hair growns fast and in no time it was turning up on the floor again.
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Originally posted by paris@Sep 1 2005, 12:04 PM

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That sweet little Sammie could have made her own soap opera and starred in all of the roles.

3Maltmom, that picture of the girls on the stairs and Sammie ignoring you is burned into my brain. Every time I think of her I laugh.
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Ok, today is Friday and I changed my mind on taking Sassy today. I thought Friday might be too busy and not a good time to go. I will let everyone know what I decide next week.
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Originally posted by Abbey@Sep 19 2005, 10:56 AM
I don't know if you ended up cutting Sassy's hair but I just took a look at your gallery pictures and if it's not too late -DON'T!!
  OMG, she looks beautiful!!  I know it's probably alot of work though so don't listen to me - I'm planning on keeping Abbey in a puppy cut as well.  But just wanted to say how very gorgeous she looks!!

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No, I did not cut her hair, in fact I have some newer pictures that show her coat even better. I will post them when I get some time. Thanks you for the nice compliment.
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