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Introducing our newest member to the Chelf family

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Ok everyone.... just as I'd promised...... here are the pictures of our newest addition to our family. Cheyenne named her Brittany Lynn Chelf. She was born on June 11, 2005. She was 10 weeks old yesterday.

And now the pictures...........

I started to drop the camera in the pic of ashton and brittany

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Originally posted by tlunn@Aug 14 2005, 10:54 PM
There so small....can you make them bigger?
I can hardly stand it because I can't see them well!!!!
I am SO excited to see her!!!
I LOVE the name....tell her she did well picking it out!!!

How did she act? Was she surprised?
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Oh yes she was deeply surprised!!! She didn't want to go to Etown KY today because we'd already been there once to celebrate my birthday. It's a 45 minute drive one way.

We told her that we had to go for business call and that she had to go.

When we got to our designated location, the woman got out and I told her that Cheyenne didn't know anything about it. So, she gets mommy dog out and lets me see her. Then I go tell Cheyenne, "look sweetie, she's got a maltese dog". So she wanted to get out of the truck to go see it. Then she brought out the baby. Cheyenne was holding it, loving on it, awwwwing over it, and the woman made the comment, "i bet you would just love to have her" and cheyenne say, yeah I sure would. then I said, that's good because she is yours to keep. she was so excited. she just about cried!!!!
Originally posted by tlunn@Aug 14 2005, 11:08 PM sweet and fun!!!! I am tearing up!

The pictures are great!
I love the one of the three dogs in the chair...the two are squished up to one side, and the pup on the other!
That is funny!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!
Puppy breath!!!!!

Ps: How are the other dogs taking it?

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well it caused Schuster to almost have an accident. I caught him hiking his leg in the living room. So I asked him if he had to go outside, and he darted toward the door as quick as he could go. He pee'd for what seemed like an eternity. Grace barked an aweful lot at her, which was expected. Other than sniffing her about half to death, the other 2 don't seem to mind her. we're going to keep them under heavy surveillance with her for the next couple months- - - then as time goes on and they are all buddies, then we may leave them all alone together. I'm just afraid to now.... not that either one of them would hurt her, but just to be safe.

yeah, i put them on my rocker, and she was the first to lay down, then the other two lovers laid down with each other on the other side. I thought that was so funny.
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Originally posted by ButterCloudandNoriko@Aug 14 2005, 11:45 PM
Oh my goodness!  I didn't know you even had 2!  You are too stinky lucky!  Every single one of your babies are Beautiful!  SO uhhh, how far is cambellsville from bowling green?  And can all 3 of your babies fit in a back pack?  Uhh, just wondering. 
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LOL....well, campbellsville is about an hour and a half east of bowling green. I don't know if they can fit in a back pack or not, i've never put any of them in one!!!

so- - - you mentioned bowling green, is that where you are from? I've not known anyone from here to be from kentucky. Closest that I'm aware of is from Tennessee.
Originally posted by mmforever@Aug 15 2005, 09:57 PM
Everyone is so cute - with or without fur.  Congratulations!!!!
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even me??? awwww thanks!! LOL
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