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Hope I'm doing this right!!!! Otherwise this could show up several times...grrr!

Nice to meet you all! And YES they call me "Mamma".....I have 2 Malts and one Morkie. They are "Mamma's Girl Lexi Hope", "Mamma's Baby Demi Joy" and Mamma has a new one so she is "Mamma's ???? Billie Jean" we just call her Billie. We haven't figured out her extra name so thats why the ? marks. Lexi and Billie are the Malts and Demi is the Morkie. Lexi is 2 yrs, Demi 1 1/2, and Billie will be 3 months Aug.29th. Like all of you they are my life! I am excited to find some folks I can share pics and things about my girls as well as ask questions and learn. I also love to hear about others babies (all kinds) and see pics etc. So glad we found you! Mamma and the girls!!
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Welcome to SM... it is a great place, lots of fun stories, caring people and good information. We love pictures!
Thanks! I know what you wrote abt. the site and people is correct because I looked around for awhile before joining. I will try to figure out how to upload pics to this site...prob take awhile but I'll work on it.
Welcome to spoiled maltese..have you a photobucket album you can upload from it if you have ..copy and paste the photo,a list of codes will come up.. the htm code on the bottom , works for me ...
Hi! Welcome!! Glad you found get working on the pictures :thumbsup:

I have two boys and two girls (three malts and a yorkie).
Welcome.... I can't wait to see pics of you Morky!!!!! I hear that is the in thing. lol
:Welcome 4: You will enjoy it here. I warning you now it is
very addicting. Can't wait to see pictures.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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