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Is every Maltese Coat Different?

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HI! I have six Maltese and I find each of them has a totally different coat,
Candy has, what I would discribe as a two tone silk coat, it sort of shimmers between white and off white and is very fine, but slightly wooley.
Dougal has what I would call slightly mad, I have a hard job trying to get it to lie flat, its slightly crinkly when its just washed and a bit wooley.
Angel is a solid white colour, which can sometimes be quite dry and I find a hard job to get long.
I can continue but I find their coats so different and I have six. <_<
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Hi Maltymad,
As a matter of fact I just read an article on a Maltese site about how, even the same Maltese, can have different fur. It may be finer toward the head, coarser toward the rear and more curly. The coat will also vary from Maltese to Maltese. The coat should be completely silky, however, that's one of the breed standards that will not necessarily apply to our pet.
Hope this helps.
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I have read the same thing.... when it comes to his coat Tiki is a "pet quality" malt . Of course he is an angel and I wouldn't give him up for anything. His fur is very silky and wavy on his head, legs and chest. He has a little appricot color on his ears. From his shoulders back, his fur changes from silky to wooly with a mix of very white to off white color. His tail is silky, strait and white. I also read it takes around 2 years for them to loose their puppy fur, but not sure about that as Tiki is not quite a year old yet.

I have noticed though that when I brush him, his fur is much more silky close to the skin. I may be drying it out when I give him a bath and blow him dry. I can always tell when he needs a bath as the fur around his ears gets a little oily.

I do think the coat is secondary to the personality of these little ones! They are just a joy!
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I reall don't know how to describe Bentley's. I have been told that it is silky, but I saw a malt at the park a few months ago that had what I would consider a true silk coat. Maybe he has a combo of silky and cotton? Don't know for sure
I just found it a bit interesting that there are so many different ways the coat can go!, I have six Maltese and they are all totally different, Hye! but I love them all the same.
They have all been brushed the same and bathed with the same shampoo and conditioner, but Sugar has the longest coat, I would say it's more like human hair.
I use a great paste for their tear staining, its a bit like putty or tooth paste and you put it in the fur by the eyes and it helps stop eye staining. It drys to a powder and brushes out.
What is the paste? Do you buy it or is it the one made with peroxide, milk of magneisia and corn starch?
I get it from the bichion club in the UK its made for white dogs, for staining, it helps prevent it and also makes the exsisting staining alot pailer. could be from the mix you have said but I buy it from the club.
Originally posted by Maltymad@Aug 26 2003, 06:10 PM
I get it from the bichion club in the UK its made for white dogs, for staining, it helps prevent it and also makes the exsisting staining alot pailer. could be from the mix you have said but I buy it from the club.
Does it work? Can you give us the club website or a link to order it from?
I have a 9wk old Maltese mix and he has some tearstaining. I used the milk of magnesium, peroxide and corn starch mix once so far. It did pretty well. I am going to apply a second treatment tonight to see if it lifts some more of the dark color from his face.
So far this recipe is the best treatment I have tried but I'm always open to hearing about other methods.
Hi, I have spoken to the guy that actually makes it and they say the recipe is a secret!, he said that it does not have peroxide in it as this does make the hair poruss. He said it is totally safe and even has one dog that likes to try eating it.

I find that it does work. I put this paste on, it dries to a chalky powder and then I brush it out the following day.

Am I alowed to put the telephone number on here. I do have the address aswell. It costs £4 a pot, then theres postage for whereever you are.
I'd love to know it....I do believe names, etc. can indeed be mentioned.
you would need to get the code for the uk 01527517116 is the telephone number. address is
24 cherington close, Reddich, B98 0BB.
Does this person have an e-mail address? If so I would love it if he could contact me via my e-mail address; [email protected]. I am very interested and will make a call if I need to, but I'd rather communicate via e-mail. I would be happy to send a US postal money order to him, but I need more info.

Thanks Maltymad!!!!

Tiki's Mom
:D :D :D :D
I am happy to be of help.....
I shall give them a call tomorrow and see if they have an email address!
Is the club titled Bishion Club UK ? Trying to figure out what to type in. Can you give us the name of the club, web address or anything to help us find it?
011-44-152-751-7116 from United States

That should do it.....I think.
Hi, the email address I have been given by the husband is [email protected], he said his wife normally deals with email address and she is not home for two weeks, away with her mother!
address sounds wrong though. I think it would be best to telephone to discuss it.
or do a search for the bichon club in the UK.

hope this helps!
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