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I got an email from Nordstrom with some new offerings for the holidays from Juicy. They have 2 pet bags. One is $275 and is the small size for pets up to 5 pounds. This one is $295 and has much bigger dimensions for pets up to 15 pounds. Is it possible that they've really begun making the larger bag again? Or is this a booboo?

I don't need another Juicy bag, but am very tempted by that latch on the top. Anyone have a Nordy near them that can check it out?[/B]
Susan, what is the difference in the latch on the top? I didn't see anything about the weight of the bag. Have you ever seen the LV dog carrier or which one do you like best? If I buy a Juicy Carrier I guess that I should do it now to avoid sales tax because Nordstrom is planning to build a store in the Nashville area.
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