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Is your malt home alone during the day?

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My malt is just over 2 years old and is so used to me being at home but now hubby is saying I should perhaps explore the job force. That means leaving my malt home alone during the day and she is surely not accustomed to that. I am not jumping at the idea that's for sure:blink:
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I have been a housewife (no children) for 4 years and so London (3) & Preston (almost 2) have never known me to leave them to go to work. I frequently leave them for up to 4 hours at a time to run errands, grocery shop, etc. and if they will be in their crates for longer than that, we arrange for my husband to stop by the house during lunch and let them out for an hour.

I've been trying to find a part-time job for several months to help us put money in our savings account faster but it's been difficult because my husband wants me home on weekends & in the evenings. lol It's out of the question for me to work fulltime (thank goodness! heehee) because we can't leave the dogs locked away all day...they are outdoor trained so they have to be let out...and what's the point in having a dog if you only spend 4 hours with it before bed???

If you can I would just look for a part-time job with hours that work for YOU. :) Other options are of course doggy daycare or someone to check on your baby during the day depending on how long of a shift you would work.
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