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Is your malt home alone during the day?

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My malt is just over 2 years old and is so used to me being at home but now hubby is saying I should perhaps explore the job force. That means leaving my malt home alone during the day and she is surely not accustomed to that. I am not jumping at the idea that's for sure:blink:
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well i work 8 to 430 and i leave my house at 7 get back at 5:15 , my kids leave the house like at 745 and get back like at 4 . so lets say from 745 to 4 dolce is alone at home. Dolce does fine and just like my kids he gets alot of love after i get home , then he sleeps w me , and im w him almost all day on weekends. i think it would be ideal to stay home all day with my fluff and my children but realistically most people do work and it would be very messed up if you couldnt have a maltese cause u work full time . dolce has been with me since he was 16 weeks and he has always done fine staying at home by himself . i leave him gated in my kitchen n he has his bed , his toys , his food and his wee pads , he plays , eats , sleeps and when i come home he couldnt be happier. i dont think there is anything wrong with working full time and having a dog. would i prefer to be home all day yes , is it do-able in my situation no.

most dogs adapt to staying home by themselves in my opinion.
I totally agree. How can you afford to have a dog if you can't work? That's what I always ask myself. It'd be nice to stay home with Micky all day, but then I couldn't afford to feed or groom him. So I work and he stays home all day. He probably just sleeps all day anyway, inbetween chasing the cat and chewing on bully sticks.
I just don't think we should be made to feel guilty for working.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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