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Isn't it just the best???!!

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I've been away from home on business since Sunday, and when I walked in the door tonight, it was as if I had two heads with tongues on the end of pogo sticks! They were so happy to see me and I got so many kisses, it was just the best!
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I love coming home to an overly enthusiastic greeting every time I walk in the door, whether it's been for a few minutes or a few hours. :wub:
Maggie, it IS the best. Every time I step off the elevator and walk toward my door I hear a little "aaarf" from Tuffy and when I walk through the door she grabs a toy and starts squeaking it with happiness and Toto spins in circles. If they could talk, they would be saying "Mommy's home, Mommy's home." No matter how bad my day, they always fill my heart with joy.
I totally agree it is the best! No matter how "bad" of a mood I am in. I just see Delilah and she just makes everything instantly better. I love her so, so much. In fact, I have always considered myself a cat person, but since I have gotten Delilah she has completely changed that.
YESSSSS!!!! It is just the BEST!!!

Enjoy your sweet little hearts!!!! :wub::wub:
yes it's the best!! their happy little faces just instantly make your day better :wub::w00t:
Oh it is THE BEST OF THE BESTS out there :D love these lil ones

I never knew before getting my little guy how GREAT it is with a Malt!
It is the Best!! They're always so happy to see you, don't complain to you or nag on you...just give pure unconditional love!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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