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It was grooming day!

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The girls got professionally groomed today. And they look "mahvelous dahling". The first pic is of my picture perfect Nadia, the second of my lovely Lily. In the third pic, "are we done yet, mommy?". Fourth pic, "we're bored, mommy".
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They're both so white and oh so gorgeous! They look great!
The girls look beautiful :wub::wub:
They both look beautiful with very shiny coats!
Wow - so glam.:wub::wub: They look absolutely beautiful with great cuts for summer. And I agree, their coats look super shiny. Isn't it great when grooming day is a good thing. :)
They look beautiful. Aren't you lucky to be so happy with your groomer!:aktion033:
they look so clean and white! beautiful girls!
your girls are adorable ^_^ I bet that they also smell awesome .. I love grooming days

looks like they love their new 'do'...they look amazing...looks like they love the bed too!
They are beautiful. I wish I could take Myah to the groomer everyday. LOL
Oh Beautious!!!! Great job...they seem to know it too!!! :)
Wow, your girls look gorgeous and their fresh bathed coats, too! :thumbsup:

Alexandra :wub:
beautiful fluffs!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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