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:thumbsup: Rocky ate two meals today! Dog food only! I put his Natural Balance organic kibble down, mixed with a tiny bit of canned food (mind you have done this before, but this time smooshed it into the dry food like someone here suggested) and success! :aktion033:

Thank you all for giving me the strength to do this. I am sticking to it and am definitely going to put it down for 20 minutes and pick it up if he doesn't eat.

On another topic....he offically started his basic obedience classes, first of a six week training course at Petco. The trainer is terrific, uses positive reinforcement and teaches everything but agility. I am very happy to say Rocky liked the little Chihuahua enough to allow her to sniff him and kiss him on the lips! As I have posted before Rocky barks at all dogs. the Lab that was there...not so much. But he did allow him closer than last week's orientation class. I was so pumped I went to my son's house and helped them work with their Wheaton puppy. :smrofl:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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