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Originally posted by pak3tz@Jul 31 2005, 08:46 PM
I brought Jasmine and Jessica in on Friday to spayed 
.  Everything went really well except for Jasmine having an ear infection in her left ear so we are doing the vinegar and water thing plus I was given drops for it which should heal it in about a week.  I am so glad its finally over and done with and happy that I waited and brought them in together.  The vet was really good too(wasnt my regular vet ,I would have had to wait another month to get them in to see her). Their teeth were really bad from not being on a good diet from their previous homes, I thought for sure they would have needed extractions but it was just really bad tartar build up and are now really clean and no more tartar.  They slept when I brought them home that day and all day Saturday and are back to their perky selves today.  Anyways just thought I would share -_-

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Glad to hear everyone is well
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