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It's official...

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All my chicks have gone off to school. Caleb (4) just started k-4 (pre-k) and if hubby wasn't here all this week (he travels) I would have been all alone with nothing but housework and crafts to do! Monday will be my first time in 14 years not having at least one child to care for during the day. *blank stare* WHat will I do!?
I've heard of these things called NAPS... I might try that. I never believe they could exist, but WOW... I think they actually MIGHT!
On the UP side, I can get things done around the house that haven't been able to done due to children always being afoot. Like scrubbing the floors or ripping down my awful wal paper in my dining room (we got this house 4 years ago and have yet to rip down the coca cola wall paper and border. It's black and white stripes people. BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES!!) That should be FIRST on my list.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited, yet sad. It'll be a little freaky being in the house alone for the first time since before becoming a mom! (but just think...I get to have lunch by myself. WIth BIG people food...and I don't have to cut anyones food or make peanut butter and jelly dinosaurs or mac and cheese with hotdogs (GAG!). WOW. What will I do with myself!?

Still waiting for that grooming job tho. She said she can't sire me right now, so idk what to do. :(
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Cheri, I remember the last child going to school, it was strange being alone for about a hour:HistericalSmiley: your going to love the time you will have and I think you will have a new apprieation for the kids as well. I think everyone needs time to themselves, my child is dh:blink: seems I don't get much time alone
HAHAHA!! Yeah, the last time I got ANY time alone was a year and a half ago when I spent 24 hours in Tulsa...I got to stay at a hotel and go to a concert...ALL BY MYSELF! It was awesome. Strange, but awesome :) But since my husband works away from home all the time (home about every 2-3 months, usually for a weekend) I never get time to myself. Except at night when everyone is finally asleep, but still I can't just get up and sew or take off to see a movie (my all time favorite past time that I never get to do anymore LOL).
BUT...hubby got a promotion this week while he was home on vacation, and we found out he'll be home every couple weeks now! Doesn't sound like a lot, but trust is for us!
Wohoo! Alone time AND more hubby time?! Sounds like a moms dream! :D
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: Shock :chili::chili::chili: Excitement :blink::blink::blink: Now what? You will experience all three and then you will experience PURE pleasure to be almost single for short spurts of time.. You can even plan a lunch date with a friend at the last minute....WOW Keep us posted as this new phase of life unfolds...
WOW...a lunch date? ME?? I HEARD they existed, but I didn't believe them when they told me...sounds like crazy talk!
I'll totally keep you all posted. ;)
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