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It's out! (tooth)

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I noticed last night that the bottom canine that I was worried about was slanted and loose!! I looked again this morning and it's gone! Now she has one top one, that is loose and the perm one is in right beside it. The vet can pull it, but like he said, since she is so small, he'd have to put her under and are the risks really worth the benefits? So he told me to just keep trying to wiggle it and hopefully it will just come out on its own with no problems. Praying it does!!!
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Woohoo!! Keep wiggling those teeth and I'm sure the last one will fall right out! :D
I tried everything to get Libby's out but those suckers wouldn't budge!

The vet saved them for me when she pulled them:w00t:

I'm so glad to hear Delilah's are coming out on their own.:aktion033:

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