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:smstarz: Pat WOW I thought even yesterday of starting a thread to ask a dangerous question "IS there anyone else who might have a slight "hoarding" problem with a few things or maybe just one?" Confession time.. I was thinking of taking picture of my "problem" but can't upload them because of my computer problem and can't email the pictures either. Going to TJ Maxx, Kohls etc. and buying fancy soaps, hand lotions, perfume and room sprays, Yankee Candles all on clearance.. It is the weirdest!! :w00t: I have enough Yankee candles to put in my will.. and enough of the others to go to many gift exchanges until I leave this earth!! Maybe we should let go and contribute to the Rescue Raffle for the Specialty this year? :smstarz:
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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