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Since our house is puppy proof, and since Izzy hasn't had any accidents in weeks, and since we were only going to be gone for a few hours, and since Izzy has never chewed or destroyed anything.....
We decided not to gate her in her little gated community while we went away. We were gone for several hours when I realized that I had locked the deck doors and her pee pad was on the deck! Rut ro.

When we got home Izzy met us at the door all excited. We opened the deck doors and she hurried out to use her pee pad. We checked the house thoroughly and found nothing amiss, nothing harmed, no accidents. What a big girl. We gave her a treat, lots of praise and hugs. I didn't think she'd be ready for this already at only 6 months. She's such a good girl.

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Originally posted by Kodie+May 23 2005, 10:21 AM-->
@May 22 2005, 02:19 PM
Awww!!!  Way to go Izzy!!!!!  I love your new sig pics by the way!  What a good girl!

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Me too! The last picture to the right makes her look like a DIVA!

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I think both off you have such beautiful photo's in your signature, your babies are soooooo cute

I think that Izzy was a great little
for being so good while you were away
Big hugs from me and our Indy

We let Littleman have the run of the living areas of our house and put a gate at the entrance to the hall that goes to the bedrooms, but only while we are home. I have tried to puppy proof..... but just when I think I've got it..... he finds something to go after that I would not want him to have time alone to ahhh...... have fun with...if you know what I mean
..hehehe! I will keep trying, maybe I will figure it out before he is 6 months
I better hurry because that is only a few weeks away

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Originally posted by Sisses Momma@May 23 2005, 04:34 PM
Yeaaaah Izzy!!  Good girl!! 
  We have the "shut the door behind you" rule at our house.  I have the family room/kitchen "puppy proof" but not the rest of the house.....way to much trouble to get into!! 

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I tried "the shut the door behind you" rule. It didn't work.
My kids just could NOT remember. So we gated the hallway to the bedrooms, which wasn't great because then they forgot to shut/lock the gate.
That is when I heard on here about the wooden gate from Target that shuts itself behind you! It is the BEST invention for our house EVER!!!! The best 50 bucks I spent all year long!!!
It looks decent and only occasionally does Brink manage to dart through behind someone...usually when he is after a cat!

Anyway, I highly recommend that gate to anyone trying to puppy-proof or gate off parts of their house! Here is the link! Target's wooden swing gate!
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