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Hi Friends!

We haven't been here in a long time - though life has been crazy busy, we do think about our SM friends often and miss you all! Bailey and Emma have been busy going back and forth between the west (work) and east (family & friends) coasts. They are 10 and 7 now (wow, so hard to believe!) but doing well.

I wanted to stop by and ask if anyone here is interested in a couple of Emma's carriers that she has either never or hardly ever used. Details and pics below.

Jaraden Soho Carrier in Violet - Brand New!

I bought this carrier a few years ago but never got around to using it (Emma has way too many!) so it's brand new. Except for a small streak in the back that it came with (looks like the leather is slightly discolored - barely noticeable), it's in perfect condition. This would work best for a dog under 5 pounds as it's more of a purse style, not extremely roomy. It's the same bag as in this link, if you want dimensions:

Asking $90 plus shipping costs from Virginia. Original cost was $175+ I believe.

Wooflink Chic Bag in Pink - Gently Used

This is a super cute bag but we've only used it once or twice. It's also in great condition. It's the same bag as in this link but may be an older version as it doesn't have the bow logo in the front: CHIC BAG 6 - WOOFLINK

Asking $50 plus shipping from Virginia. Original cost was $125 I believe.

For some reason, I don't think the embedded pics are showing up. Here's the link to the carrier pics album:
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