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Jetblue travel?

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Hello all... please help me with a toughie...

I am going to FL in July to pick up my new bundle of joy when she's old enough (she's only 3 weeks old now!) and I'm bringing her back to NY on Jetblue.

Jet blue has a carrier height restriction of 8.5" tall MAXIMUM... and most carriers that I've been looking at online are 10-11" tall. I spoke to a Jetblue rep yesterday and she said I *might* be turned away if the carrier is too tall. Has anyone traveled on Jetblue with an 11" or 10" tall squishable carrier and had no problems? I'd just HATE to be turned away from traveling because the carrier is too tall.

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I've flown JetBlue with a sturdibag (large) with no problem. I've had one airline try to argue and I simply proved the bag fit and it was smaller than other people's luggage they were carrying on.
Thank you jmm, I think I'm going to get that small SturdiBag then!
Thank you jmm, I think I'm going to get that small SturdiBag then!
The small is really small but will be fine for a puppy. You might have to get a bigger one later on.
As long as the pup can stand up and turn around and has ventilation you are good. Remember you can squish it down to fit under the seat.
You got good advice... just wanted to say congrats on your new puppy!!! Bet you can hardly wait!!! :) *you KNOW piccies will be required!* :D
I have the large kwigy bo and it fits perfectly underneath the seat. :)
I flew Jet blue on Friday with my maltese. They only looked at my carrier and said okay. They didn't measure it or anything, I could have gotten away with a bigger bag.
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