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We have a Job Opening for someone to be a receptionist. sooo, if you know someone who is responsible, intelligent, and willing to learn...

we're located in Valencia, CA.

the new receptionist is getting maybe $8-10/hr(i guess depending on experience and skills). hours he/she would have to be here is from 8am-2pm monday-friday. so that's a minimum of $960/month-$1200/month. did i do the math right?

anyway, if you know anyone or if you're interested.

email me.

Additional Information:

We have this job listed in the newspaper

RECEPTIONIST- well spoken. $12/hr. 9a-2p. (phone number)

So I guess I was wrong about the hours and the pay. lol. i think we got a resume from someone. and i dont know if anyone called yet. hopefully we get someone good.

*thanks for the PM glamourdog.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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