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My husband has been unemployed for a year an a half now. He has been working temp jobs here and there, always with the promise of them going to hire him. Yeah, that has never worked out. :angry: :angry: :angry:

So this week he has had FIVE interviews with various companies. All five want him, but again these are temp jobs. He always comes home and says they are blown away with his resume, experience and knowledge. Today one lady told him that his qualifications are actually that of a supervisor and he had more and better experience than her (if he were to take this job, she would be his supervisor). :w00t: :blink:

SO WHY CAN'T HE FIND A PERMANENT JOB?!?! :smilie_tischkante: :smilie_tischkante:

Don't get me started on the pay of a temp job either. :angry:

I am thrilled for him that he has five jobs to choose from and I hold out hope that he chooses the right one and it turns into a permanent job, so please don't think I am being ungrateful; it is just that this has been so frustrating for him and us.

Thanks for listening to me whine. :innocent: I feel better. :blush:
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As long as he is temp they don't have to give him health insurance ? no paid vacations ? I would not choose that lady who would be his supervisor. Since he is more experienced than she is, she will feel threatened.
As long as he is temp they don't have to give him health insurance ? no paid vacations ? I would not choose that lady who would be his supervisor. Since he is more experienced than she is, she will feel threatened.
I was just about to write what Janine did. This is the way companies get out of paying for health insurance, vacations, sick days, pensions, etc. It really sucks.:angry: I have my own small company and our health insurance costs are extremely high so I see where they're coming from but it's sleazy to me. They use people, pay less and don't give them what they deserve. And they get away with's called permalance.
At least DH's getting interviews and offers though.
i hope he gets a permanent position soon !
Niccole, I hope things turn around for your husband soon and he finds a great job and its permanent. Its a tuff job market now but with his experience hopefully one of these will be "the one".

I hope that your husband finds a permanent job soon. This
economy stinks! It has to get better soon... right?
My husband was in that position and ended up opening his own company 4 years ago. It has been a struggle financially, and still is most of the time but slowly we are getting there. I hope your husband finds a permanent job very soon!

I do agree, I would not take that job where he is more qualified than the supervisor, he needs to take the job that he can 'wow" the company and they appreciate him - not one that could be resentful and take his ideas, and credit for his work. I hate to sound negative and i don't mean to but he needs to watch out for himself.

Hugs to you!

p.s. your not whining... just being honest and sharing :)
Thanks everyone! He now has five opportunities on the table right now and is just waiting on different things with each one before he makes his final decision.

I think he is leaning towards two of them; each with their pros and cons. One actually told him that they would like to hire him and within a few months promote him. However, he/we has heard that song and dance before.

But for whatever the reason, I am feeling really good about all these jobs for him. I hope he chooses the right one and is able to finally make a decent career for himself.
I really feel for you in this situation with this tough economy. I hope and pray he gets a permanent job soon!:prayer: My husband was told a few days ago that his job may go away the end of December. I am a bit worried because he is 60 and will be close to 61 in December. Not easy to get a job at any age let alone 61. Good luck to your hubby...hope he gets the job that will make him a permanent employee. Hugs, Dianne
Keeping your husband in my prayers that a permanent job comes his way.:prayer:
i dont know what field he is in but i think hiring will escalate soon and i hope he finds what is good for your family :thmbup:
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