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John Travolta's dogs killed in airport accident

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John Travolta's Dogs Killed In Airport Accident - Celebrity Circuit - CBS News

John Travolta's dogs killed in airport accident

I could not tell by the article if they were in a crate are loose on the tarmack.

Sad. :(
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so sad. and that family has had horrible luck lately. Does anyone know what breed his dogs were? So sad :(
I heard that they were in a crate. Next report said they were on a walk. They said they were small dogs. So sad.
He is a pilot and probably has his own plane so I would imagine they weren't crated.

How horrible!!
so sad, i tried googling pics and cant find any.. and the news report dont specify the breed only that they were small dogs and were being walked on a leash.. soo sad :(
Oh that's so sad. How heart goes out to them. Does anyone know what kind of dogs they were?
That is so sad. How tragic for their family.:crying:
So much for one famliy to bear. So, so sad.
There is a Happy Family though.....just reported on his website that he and his wife are 3 mos. pregnant. I hope this is true, because of what they have been through and then their dogs......I must go to the website and see if the reporting is true!!!!

It is true.....just checked the website!!!
This is horrible and so sad! I was reading an article and it was saying that someone was walking the dogs and hit by a service vehicle at Maine’s Bangor International Airport. They didn't see the dogs until it was to late :(
Wonder why they were walking the dogs there? Crazy! So very sad... but happy to hear they have a baby on the way
Wow that is awful. Let alone what they just went through last year with their son. Man, can't they catch a break?? I have a feeling they weren lose somehow not in a crate, if he is a pilot.
That is so sad. Did you hear they are expecting?! Some good news with the bad I guess.
Here's another link- Travolta?s dogs killed by pickup at BIA - Bangor Daily News they were walking the dogs at 1 am :huh:

Still don't know what kind of dogs they were.
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