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Just a question about dog grooming

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Hi everyone! I am not a proffesional grromer, but i feel like i am good enough to groom my dogs at home, and i do. The issue i have it i have 3 little dogs with SMAALL feet, two of which are elderly and won't let me use scissors on there feet. I was just hoping someone could reccomend a small sort of clipper i could use for in between their feet. Thanks!
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I have one that is quite tiny and operated by one AA battery. I have hardly used it, and when I do home grooming, it is usually with scissors. It was not expensive, so you could give it a try. It is the Wahl Pocket Pro. I see it now on Amazon and Chewy and probably other sites, too, apparently unchanged from when I bought mine. Costs between $14 and $20 with tiny accessories. The descriptions say it is a number 40 blade, which is very close, so don't shave their body down with it. I don't know what the rating of the comb attachments are, but they are pretty small.

My smallest dogs have been fools for attention, so trimming their feet with scissors was not a problem. A couple of them I could even put one on the sofa, flip him or her over on their back and do it that way with a little help from my left forearm. :giggle:

(As for the scissors I use, I have tiny, curved, round tip scissors.The curve makes them good for around the eyes, too, as you can hold them in a concave position so there is even less chance of poking the skin or eye.
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