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just a update

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Finally some time to myself, it's 4:40 AM, dh has gone to be with his brother for a few days, I woke at 3:00, took the girls potty and wasn't able to sleep, so guess where I have been lol, playing catch up, my youngest daughter spent last week with us, we had a wonderful time until B&B had her surgery, after that it just seemed so stressful and with the lack of sleep I hardly had time for my daughter:blink: she's a wonderful young woman and seemed to understand our distress, I am so blessed to have 4 grown children who love me.
B&B is doing great she's a wild girl, she acts like a puppy:unsure: running up and down the hallway:HistericalSmiley:you would never guess she had surgery and had all those issues. Once I took her off her meds she made the turn for the better, what would we have done without our precious B&B, we have feel in love with that girl and pray she has many healthy years ahead of her.
Matilda had to take second place for abit, but she handled it in Matilda style:innocent: as long as there was a ball close she was happy:wub: she even received a gift during all the stress, it was perfect timing
I took a few pictures and will download them later.
I am so thankful for all of you and your prayers and kind wishes for B&B and us, what would I do without you. I love you
Guess I'll try and get some sleep before the girls wake me:wub: Good night, or is it Good Morning:HistericalSmiley:
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Where I live it is "good afternoon!"
love ya!
Aaaah I am so glad to read this wonderful update :D

happy that all is well Paula <3 ;)

Oh if only I didn't have a video call in few minutes that will last for at least an hour, I will be doing just like what u are up to now: ZzZzZ although it is ALMOST "good evening" time where I am lol but sometimes, when we get sleep-less days, sleeping at any time afterwards is ok ^_^ sweet dreams to u.
I am so glad that B&B is back to her puppyish self and I'm also glad that Miss Matilda took it all in stride. :wub: I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Glad that everything turned out so well!!!

Great to hear the girls are doing well!! Can't wait to see new pics! :)
I am so happy that B&B is back to her old self. Truly, they are our babies!
I'm always happy to hear good news !!! Glad everything is back to normal and yes these little malts are just so very special. My mother has commented recently that ever since I got Vanilla that I am much happier. So true........
I'm so happy to log on here this morning and see your update! I've been thinking and praying for B and B, so glad she is doing so well. Can't wait to see your pics!
Good morning to you Paula.
I'm glad B&B is doing so much better!
Enjoy your me time and have fun with your girls.
What a great report!!!! :chili: Man, that was scary for a while there!!!!

Now Matilda can take center stage again.....:p
Woohoo! :party: I'm SO glad that B&B is feeling so great! Can't wait for the pictures! :D
Yeah baby!!! Wonderful news.
Oh I'm so glad everything is back to normal. I was a little worried
for a while. Give those girls hugs and kisses for me.:wub:
Hey Paula, I'm so happy things are getting back to normal. Miss B&B is so happy to feel good again. Playing like a puppy is the best sign!

Now you need to get some real rest. :wub::wub::wub:
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