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Ok... here's the idea:

Effective January 1, 2006 all persons in this forum start a healthier living program.

Members of this forum, especially those participating, will be the backbone to our sucess.

Everyone will write a journal at least twice a month, original idea was once a week, and if you would/could/can write it once week, then by all means, please do. In this journal, you will tell the rest of the group things you've done different in your day to day life to make yourself feel better, what you do/don't eat or drink, exercises/activities that you've started or that you do, tell us how much weight you have lost or gained, whatever the case may be.

Here's the personal part:

We start out by current statistics........ age/weight/height/weaknesses
With that information, you share with the group your goal. IE: lose x number of dress/pant size...... lose x amount of weight, lose x number of inches whereever, such as hips, buttocks, arms, stomach, or wherever.

We will measure our weight/measurements day 1, and then, and ONLY every 8th day (go 7 days without looking on the scales and measuring tape).

Kind of like weight watchers I guess

In the journal, we give ideas to other members such as exercises, recipes to try, foods that we find OK to eat, foods to stay away from, tell each other how we feel, give testimonies, etc.

Let's say we do this for a period of 10 complete months....... Jan. 01-Oct. 31

Then you are on your own after halloween and the holidays, but we can do it again the next year.

Additional ideas.................. just an idea..........wondering what others think

For each month, we can have a "Loser of the Month" award, we'll figure out what the award can be, example, maybe if we ask nicely, maybe Joe will give the winner of the month a free extension to their SM membership, such as by 1-month or maybe up to 3 months. And the grand prize for the overall winner could be to receive a $1 bill in the mail from every member that officially participated.. so, if 100 people did this, then the overall winner would receive $100. And, maybe the winner doesn't want 100 people to know their mailing address, that's fine, someone that doesn't care to participate, could volunteer to collect and mail the proceeds to the winner.

So, how many in this group is game to give it a try???? Think it would be interesting and help????

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Originally posted by Scrappy+Nov 22 2005, 07:07 AM-->
@Nov 22 2005, 10:54 PM
Sounds fun and motivational....but I don't want to share the stats/weight part!

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It does sound like a good motivational idea. But, heck, I dont even want to know my stats/weight let alone put in a public forum

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I agree! Maybe we take them but just not post them. Just post how many inches and pounds you lost? Also you would want to agree on what to measure and then explain where to get that measurement. Some people have different ideas on what to measure. When I was doing SBD last year I found a website that suggested these measurements be taken:
Taking Measurements

Taking your measurements is an excellent way to keep track of your changing shape as you get fit. When you burn fat and increase your muscle mass, you may weigh a bit more even though your body is getting tighter and smaller. Here is how you take 11 different body measurements. Remember to keep your muscles relaxed while you're measuring.

1. Neck: Measure wherever they are the biggest.

2. Bust: Don't squish yourself -- measure all the way around your bust and back right at your nipple line, and make sure the tape measure is not lower.

3. Chest: Measure under your breasts but as high up as you can go, keeping the tape measure parallel to this line when you reach it around your back.

4. Waist: Measure wherever it is the smallest (if you have "no waist" go around yourself right at the navel line).

5. Hips: Measure at the very biggest part -- even if that is so low that you are almost on the top of your thighs.

6. Midway: Measure midway between the very biggest part of your hips and your waist.

7. Thighs: Measure wherever they are the biggest.

8. Knees: Measure right above the knee.

9. Calves: Measure wherever they are the biggest.

10. Upper arm: Measure wherever they are biggest above your elbows.

11. Forearms: Measure wherever they are biggest below your elbows.[/B]

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November 22, 2005 at 3:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, 2:55 PM Central Standard's the update

instead of all the personal information, we tell how much our goal is to lose both weight and inches.

Then the information is taken and added to the rest of the group... maybe if 100 people wanted to lose 10 lbs, then we'd be 1,000 lbs lighter, and if each 100 members lost 5 inches, we'd be 1000 lbs lighter and 500 inches slimmer!!!
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