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Just got back from the vet with Harry

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We went in for a re-check and to have blood tests
to check kidney functions and electrolytes. Harry literally
was shaking like a leaf the from the minute we got into
the car until we walked out of the vet's office. He also
wanted no part of the vet or the vet student and his little feet
were flying to try to escape. :wub:
The vet said that Harry has "little white dog syndrome". I thought
oh no.... not something else.... he laughed and said, "He
only wants his mommy." Phew.....

Harry lost 2 pounds :)blink:) of fluid over the last two weeks!!!!
He went from weighing 9 pounds to weighing 7 pounds.
The doctor said that he is surprised that a dog as
small as Harry could retain that much fluid.

I also mentioned to the vet that Harry is showing signs
of major separation anxiety, which he never did before. He said
that it just could be that he isn't feeling well or it could be
a neurological sign that his liver is not handling protein
well at this point. The blood test results will be back on
Saturday, so we'll see then if anything else is wrong.

Harry's pretty tough and I'm counting on him to be tough for me.
Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming!!!

Debbie and Harry
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Harry...sending hapy thoughts and prayers to you and your mommy!!!

Lot's of wet kisses from Cosettia and Tweet...
Praying that Harry continues to get better! 2 lbs of just fluid? That's insane for such a little one!
Oh wow, Deb. 2 lbs of fluid!!! I bet Harry is feeling better already. Thank God. I think you know your sweetheart is always in my prayers.

Poor baby about the shaking. Harry knew where he was going before he even got into the car, I bet.

I'm so happy for you guys!
I hope that Harry's test come back within normal ranges......I know he feels better getting rid of all that fluid~~~Good luck to you and Harry!!!:wub:
you and Harry have been through so much, it's time for littleman Harry to have some sunshine in his life. I'll remember him in my prayers and you
Aw poor little man! I am glad he got rid of all that fluid but goodness that's a lot for a little guy! I hope the bloodwork shows some improvement in his health. I hate waiting for test results....((HUG))
I'm glad he is doing better, and prayers for good results on Saturday too.
Will certainly be keeping little harry in my prayers for good results on the tests! I did have to giggle at the "little white dog syndrome" the vet 'diagnosed" ... very cute!

Get and stay well little guy!
That boy is one tough cookie! Hopefully they can do some meds and make him feel better. Hugs for you and Harry!
Debbie - Glad to hear that Harry lost all that extra fluid weight. When you realize what % of him that is, it sure was a lot. He's a fighter and he's getting such good care from you. I'm betting on him and sending prayers and positive thoughts for his tests. Tell Harry that I have "white coat syndrome." My blood pressure goes up everytime I go to the doctor. Take my blood pressure at home (calibrated to hers) and it's normal. So tell Harry I feel his shakin' :) And give him a lot of hugs. Hope his separation anxiety lessens. With your job loss I'm assuming you'll be around him more so maybe he can get over that hump. :grouphug:
prayers and hugs coming your way for more good news!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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