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Just Have To Share - SURPRISE

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I wasn't going to tell anyone here until I actually had her home, but I just can't keep a secret from my SM friends and family.

I'm adopting a rescue and will be picking her up from Deb on June 20th.

I was posting the Rescue Raffle thread last week and started looking at PetFinder to see just how many little rescues were out there (Maltese rescues). I seldom look at PetFinder because I just want to run out and rescue all of them and I can't do that. But I saw "Sweet Pea" and fell in love with her. She just grabbed my heart. I saw that she was an AMA rescue in Escondido, CA and so I pm'd Deb to see if I should contact Edie about adopting her. Low and behold, Deb pm'd me right back and asked if this was the little one I was talking about, and then she told me that she was at her house. LOL, wouldn't you know it.

So I contacted Edie, completed the necessary paperwork, etc. and was accepted to adopt her. :aktion033::aktion033:

Poor little baby seems to have had a nice life and was well cared for. Her Mom was found dead in a hotel in Southern California (Sweet Pea was with her), and they had to take Sweet Pea to a shelter for 2 months just in case a relative of her owner came to claim her. As soon as the 2 months were up, our Deb, of course, was on the spot to pick her up and rescue her. She was actually in the same kennel as sweet little George who Deb rescued at the same time.

Sweet Pea is about 7-8 years old and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds. I think and hope that she will fit in well with my 2 girls. Deb assures me that she will and I trust her judgement. Lacie is 5 1/2 and Tilly is 4 so the age seems to be good. Lacie is about 6 lbs so close to Sweet Pea's size.

And my goddaughter is getting married the weekend of June 19-20 in Southern California near Deb. Of course I'm going to the wedding so it will be easy for me to pick up the little fluff and bring her back on that weekend. It's been hard for me to wait these extra couple of weeks for this little one, but, I have workers finishing a project in my sewing room this weekend and then I didn't want her to stress from the workers or from being left while I went to the wedding.

I'm so excited -- more than you will ever know. :chili::chili::chili:

Now we have to change Sweet Pea's name. Both Deb and I agree on that. Here are some of my choices. Please let me know if you like any of these are if you think of others:

1. Candy
2. Flirt
3. Destiny
4. Charm
5. Chance (prounced Shawn-say)
6. Purity
7. Maya


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Oh, that is great and she is soooo cute!!! Just adorable!! I vote for the name Chance!!! Please keep us updated and Congratulations!!:chili::chili::chili:
Oh wow, I'm so glad you are getting Sweet Pea. At least we won't lose touch with her if you get her. I like the name Candy, or Maya is pretty too.
Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!!!
How exciting for Sweet Pea. A new life. I vote for destiny, bless you!!
Congratulations! :biggrin: That's wonderful news! She is such a sweet-looking dog, I vote for "Candy." :) (And all my little dogs' names end in the eeeeee sound. :D )
She is adorable! I love the name Chance. but I would just call her Chance because someone special took a chance on her!!!
Congrats, Lynn!!! How wonderful of you to adopt this beautiful girl, and I'm sure she will give you years of joy. :)

From the names you picked, I like Maya & Candy as they sound well with your girls' names. Chance is a definite no for me unless you changed the spelling, because it just looks like "take a chance".
So happy for you and for Sweat PEa soon to be.... I like Chance and Maya and Destiny.It's so hard to rename them. The 2 I took in,I kept their names but I always make up so many nicknames for all my fluffs it's a wonder they even know their names. Mine end up being called everything but their names. Aren't rescues the best,they just seem so special.. Congrats!!!!
Lynn - You are so awesome!!! How wonderful for you and Sweet Pea.:chili::chili: She looks adorable. :wub::wub:I do sometimes call tyler my little Swee' Pea. How about Lilly -- a mix of Lacie and Tilly?:) I keep feeling that you need an "ee" sounding end of her name to go with your other two but what do I know.

When I read your post all I could think of was the old saying, "Got a match?" -- as if you weren't busy enough with everything in your life. Don't know how you do it but I want some. Good luck!
Congratulations, Lynn! I remember that you were getting ready to adopt when Jerry got sick, and you decided to wait. I'd say, especially with all the coincides, that it is time. And, I like Shawn-say, but not the spelling. :)
Lynn, my vote is for Destiny! However is her real name Sweet Pea? If it is I am afraid it might be hard for her to be changed at 5 years old. Its only my opinion. God bless you for rescuing this adorable fluff. Have a ball at the wedding and a wonderful journey home with your new fur daughter!
A beautiful baby for a beautiful lady with 2 beautiful big sisters. Congratulations, Lynn.
Wow!! Contgratulations to both you and Sweet Pea! She definitely gets a grats too, she's going to have a wonderful home. :wine: Here's to many happy years together!
I am thrilled for both you and Sweet Pea. How lovely. I somehow think she looks like a Charm, your lucky charm :)
Wow, what a wonderful surprise!! Congrats to you! :chili:

She's a little doll. Look at those eyes! :wub::wub::wub:

I think I like the name Charm best. Good luck!!!
Congratulations she is a cutie.....Love both Chance and Destiny.
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