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Just posted pics in Gallery

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Just posted pictures of my two boys in Marjs cute little bows. I also included a picture of my little Lily in her pajamas before her spay. These pictures were taken before their grooming, so all the kids are a bit scruffy.
PS Don't mind the red eye--I am just proud I got them off the camera and into the Gallery by myself!
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Originally posted by Quincymom+Aug 7 2005, 08:36 PM-->
@Aug 7 2005, 11:56 AM
Great pics of the boys and Lily, cute bows!

Lily is sooooo adorable, is he Yorkie/Malt?  She is 100% cutie
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I am not sure what she is. Pretty sure she is part Yorkie, cause the original owner always had Yorkies. Vet told me Yorkie/Chi, my husband thinks Yorkie/Poodle (???), I vote for Yorkie/Malt!
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Whatever Lilly is, she is adorable. I would vote Yorkie/Malt. Your Malt sitting at the back on the stairs looks like it's capable of talking. I love that expression.
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