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Re: Biting.

When Nikki was a puppy, she nipped and got crazy excited. We yelled "OW" in a high pitched voice (like a dog yelp) and then ignored her by using this technique: I crossed my arms, turned away and looked at the ceiling. (I think it's called, make like a tree and look for rain, lol) Then when she calmed down, I'd praise her and engage in play. If she got crazy again, I repeated the ignoring technique. It was effective.

Show her that you will not tolerate that type of behavior. Saying "no" means nothing to the dog. But she might understand a pain yelp, and then ignoring her, because that is what her litter mates and mother did. I hope this helps.

We have two very good trainers here on SM. I am sure that when they have time, they will help you.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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