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Just too precious

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Here's little Haley after her haircut today .. she just loves the camera, although she's a bit tired. The bows only stay in for a day though b/c they cause mats. She is soo precious :)


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what a precious little girl:wub: there's something about those eyes, I feel like you can almost see through to her gentle little spirit, she's just adorable and looks like she loves to be loved on:wub:
I love the way she sits. So cute!
What a perfect little cutie! She does look like she's just a gentle sweet girl.
She has such a sweet face:wub::wub:
Haley looks so sweet with her new hairdo!

Thanks for the lovely photos of your little girl! I'm sure you can't resist her eyes ...!

Alexandra :wub:
What a little cutie!
Ahhhhh Mommy, she looks so cute with her new haircut!!!!:wub:
soo pretty !
Thanks everyone :). She loves people and will run up to my neighbors for pets. She'll lie down on her back for belly rubs outside all the time. She is a little sweetheart and just a joy in my life. The best decision I made was to get her.
Love her haircut..........she looks so cute sitting there!!! :wub::wub::wub:
Oh, what a sweetheart. :wub: She's so pretty and I love her little bows, even if they're short lived.:huh: She just looks like a total love. Thanks for sharing.
What a little beauty!
You are absolutely right about her being precious! :wub::wub::wub:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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