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Kallie Caught in the Act

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I've had two expensive dolls on a stool in the great room for years. Kallie has never really shown an interest in them and I've felt OK leaving them within her reach. Lately, she has started spending a lot of time on the back of the sofa where she has easy access to them. I caught her licking the hair of the girl doll and she sat up and tried to look so innocent! Of course, I moved the dolls to a new spot in the house that she can't get to... just in the nick of time...

"Hmmmm, that doll's hair sure did look delicious, but Mommy has caught me...
I better look innocent. Oh, I was just sitting here. I don't even care about that doll... no, not at all."
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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom+Apr 24 2005, 06:32 PM-->
@Apr 24 2005, 06:24 PM
she does look innocent lol how much does she weigh?
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She's exactly at 9 pounds. She's sturdy enough to be a great cuddler! She looks a little "chunky" in the 2nd photo but she isn't in person.
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I love those photos!! too cute!! the dolls are lovely! I especially like the boy doll. I have a friend who collected only boy dolls..They were often hard to come by ( by comparison to the girls) but over the years she found some fantastic ones... she'd LOVE that one you have!!

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