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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom+Apr 24 2005, 09:02 PM-->
@Apr 24 2005, 08:58 PM
KC's mom what is that on the table behind the dolls head kinda got a scallop edge to it.  Is it a bowl?  I like it whatever it is.
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It is pottery done by a local artist whose work I just adore. She has a soiree every November in her home where she shows her work..... She moves all furniture out of her living and dining rooms and sets up a gallery-like arrangement. If I go, I usually end up buying something, so if I don't think I want to spend the money I just don't go because I can't resist her work ... here it is and the one next to it is her work also... (My camera does a lousy job ... or maybe it is the person behind it!

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ooooooooooo I am jealous!! I love those. I wish I could find some pieces like that around here. They are just beautiful.
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