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Now you KNOW you've hit the big time!!!! I used to sell original acrylic and pastel paintings of dogs on Ebay. Different venue since it was auction style would price lower and then the buyers would determine the end price by bidding it up. Haven't done that in awhile (Ebay changed it's format and it wasn't worth my while). Acrylics take a long time to do, so don't know what to recommend re: pricing. But top of my head says that you should google and look to see other computer generated prints and get a ballpark idea. I would also sell mine without copyright (meaning they only got the original but I retained control over the prints and any other use of the image). I would often sell the original (obviously for a lot more money) and then sell small prints later on (either printed on canvas or on a tote bag or tile or mug or whatnot - CafePress was a good place to get this done).

As far as avoiding shipping costs by sending your file somewhere else to print, I would think about that if you want to retain control of the image for possible future use later on (maybe you could sell calendars or stuff without the names of the original models on them? [Check with the owner of the image first to make sure it was OK with them])... hard to retain control of an image if you send the file somewhere (what if it's shared in computer format by email, etc... it can get disseminated far and wide). NOTE: I don't think anyone on this forum would use your images without your permission, but thought since you are going professional I would mention it. We used to get sellers from overseas (mainly China) who would copy or images of paintings we posted for sale and then sell prints (sometimes even with our original signatures still visible :p) Anyway, just a couple of quick thoughts... very proud of you, my dear!!!! Feel from to PM me if any more specific questions... :)
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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