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oh my god, this totally reminds me of a classmate i had last semester. so last semester she was like "i have puppies available, you want one" (she had chihuahuas....and knew i love dogs) and i was like "no".

then last week she was like "my dog just had puppies, you want one". and i was like "didnt she have pups last semester" and she was like "no, this is her daughter"
and i was like "what??? why??" (well, i sorta said it loud. lol) and she was like "we always have our females have a litter before we spay them" and i was like "WHAT??? where'd you hear that? and isnt she just a puppy" and she was like "she's almost a year old, and my vet told me this, so that the girls dont get cancer". and i was like "GET A NEW VET!!"

then i told her to just look it up on the internet and she'll find the truth. i almost had a heart attack when i spoke to her :new_Eyecrazy:
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