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Keeping your dog healthy

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I found this article and I think its really interesting... The part were they say a simple neutering can cost around $800... this is true... Kodie's neutering and pulling of baby teeth cost me around $1,000.. because of the special care needed (as they also state). They also talk about pet insurance, the plus and minus'...
Take a look at this...
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Originally posted by Littlemans Mom@May 17 2005, 08:21 AM
Thank you for the article, it was interesting. I know we will have to go through the cost of neutering Indy in the near future also. Because of his size the Vet wants to hold off until he is older, so we shall see how this goes ourselves   
  We decided on putting money aside instead of ins. mostly because of all the conditions they put on it.
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I think that's a smart decision. After you get through that expensive first year, that's the time you can really stash some money away, while he's young and healthy. I wish I'd had that opportunity with Lady, but we jumped right into major vet bills right away when I adopted her.

I have had multiple pets all my life and just cannot believe how expensive it is to own a pet now. It really is becoming a luxury. Any trip to my vet now seems to be $100 best case scenario! Throw a simple urine or blood test in and it goes up from there. And forget xrays! My vet started an xray review fee now so the cheapest you can get by (with only 1 xray) is another $85. And who needs only one xray?

Lady had a stubborn uti last fall and the "normal" workup of a sterile culture, a couple of xrays for stones and some medication was just under $300. Since I am already spending $150 a month on her meds and diabetic supplies alone, that's the equivalent of a car payment!
Originally posted by okw@May 17 2005, 08:22 PM
Someone should have told me just how much medical care for dog can cost.  I had NO idea.  Miko is our first dog (although my husband's family have had dogs - they just don't take care of them - no neutering, no dental care, nothing
).  We truly love Miko like he is our child, but if I knew all the expenses we could encounter, I definitely would have reconsidered having a dog at this point in our lives.
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I appreciate yor honesty. Dogs are expensive luxuries, aren't they? This shows the average cost of having a dog.

Small to medium-sized dogs

Estimated life span: 14 years

First year: $640 to $1,125

Estimated annual costs thereafter: $440 to $775

Total cost over a dog’s lifetime is about $6,360 to $11,200.

Pretty staggering, isn't it? And this is a best case scenario! For a dog like my Lady, whose monthly meds alone run about $150, this is nothing. Throw a knee surgery in there like you just did with your Miko and this figure goes way up!
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