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Well I have to say Missy's vet's charges are very fair on each individual item... but
with all her various issues.. it seems even if we go for one thing.. it often happens she is due for something to do with one of her other health issues.. so rarely do we got out of there much under $100 and more often than not.. it is over that ... and! we are there pretty frequently.
AND this is not counting all the 'freebies" her vet is so wonderful about throwing in from time to time. Also not counting the supplies I get from druggist and send for.
BUT .. worth every penny!!.. so what we don't go on vacations.. wouldn't leave her anyway.. ( the "destinations" will be there long after Missy is gone). besides, we were lucky to have traveled earlier and I don't even miss it.
Being able to give Missy the best we can.. is so much more pleasurable and rewarding!.. as the saying goes.. to see Missy thrive..."priceless"!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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