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Keiko and Nikki today

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So I tried to grow Nikki's hair out, but I must admit that I have no patience for fussing with hair - that is why my own hair is so short!

Then Keiko came along, and her hair was very short and her body was shaved. Nikki seemed huge next to her.

So I decided to cut Nikki's hair. Here's the two of them from this morning, right after Nikki was groomed. Sorry it isn't the greatest photo, but you know how hard it is to get them to stay still long enough. Thanks for looking!

I think as use this as my siggy pic until I get hubby to take a better shot.

Keiko and Nikki (mother and daughter)
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Oh my! What nice hair cuts! I bet they feel like a million bucks!!!

Your girls are beautiful!!! Both of them!!! I love their cuts too....great job, Suzan!!
they look soo cute !!!
Suzan - I LOOOOVE Nikki and Keiko's cuts. They look so adorable.:wub::wub: And they really look alike it that shot. Just perfect cuts for the hot weather. You all must be so happy. :chili::chili:
Nice job...they look adorable and I love the new siggie! you are giving me inspiration to give my girls a cooler summer cut as someone turned on the heater here in SoCal...hmmm...where is my buzzer......
Your girls are stunning, Suzan. I love the picture.
They look so cute together. It's amazing how all that hair makes
them look huge. Maybe that's why I keep my hair short.:HistericalSmiley:
they look so cute together! I can definitely see the mother and daughter resemblance :)
Suzan, they look great!!! And it's a really good picture!!!!! :aktion033:
Thanks, you are very kind. I'm patiently waiting for Keiko's hair to grow out a little bit.
They look so happy and comfy in their new do's!!! :)
Thanks, you are very kind. I'm patiently waiting for Keiko's hair to grow out a little bit.
They are so cute with their cuts. Such beautiful girls. I am trying to decide to cut Meme down. The more I see the cute cuts the more I want to do it.:thumbsup:
Oh, they look so cute! You can really see the resemblance between the two girls. And that little Keiko has the biggest eyes!!
What a sweet little couple, Keiko and Nikki have perfect summer hair cuts!

They both look like twins, very cute!

Alexandra :wub:
I absolutely love it, youre so lucky to have nikki's mother, I wonder if they know.... they are both gorgeous!
They both look adorable. Two peas in a pod!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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