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Keiko and Nikki

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Here's a photo hubby took on Saturday. Thanks for looking!
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So cute! Okay to say best of friends yet?
oh man, I just want to kiss their little faces!! SO cute!
They're getting closer, but it's a process...LOL
:wub:Oh Susan, look at your girls:wub: they look so much alike, mom and her daughter:wub: I can't wait till the day you make a thread saying they are playing with one another. I love that picture
That's a great picture Suzan. They are each so beautiful.
Oh my goodness!! Can they be any cuter? :wub: They're just the cutest!~!
That's a great shot! Looks like they're enjoying the outing.
Great photo...........your girls look like BFF's.
Aww at least they don't mind being close to each other, and they do look happy (and cute!)
Oh your babies are so beautiful...they look like twins. Nikki's face looks a little bigger than Keiko's but just sweet little angels that's for sure.:wub::wub:
They are soo sweet together :wub:
haha too cute!!! <3
So cute like twins.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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