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Kibble Nibble - has anyone tried it?

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Removing Hunter's front teeth has left him unable to play with some of his favorite toys because he can't grab or hold anything :unsure:. So, I am in search of some new toys for him that are both educational and fun!! I was looking at the kibble nibble - has anyone tried it?Premier Kibble Nibble chew toy on sale at
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I don't have that one, but we like most any Premier food toy.
I agree with Jackie! :)
When my Bichon got old and lost some teeth, we taught her to nudge and push a ball around with her nose.
Erin, have you tried a baby Kong? Maybe Hunter can hold it with his paws and lick with his tongue??

I haven't tried the Nina Ottosson toys, but that sounds like something Hunter could paw at to get the treat.
I haven't tried that toy, but it looks fun!
I recently saw the kibble nibble in person and I have concerns about the size of it. They do not have a smaller size and would like to get other's opinions. I don't want Hunter to be unable to use this item as it is labeled for dogs over 20 pounds and it is rather large.
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