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Kinda bummed...

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that I didn't get to register in time for the Nationals. So I guess we will miss out on the other fun stuff like the luncheon, bummer. :(
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Give the registrar a never know.
I did, but all I got was her VM, I left a msg. But haven't heard back yet.
You could 1/2 of my dinner and 1/2 of my chair!
Awwww that's so sweet of you. Well, maybe they will let us in! and I'll bring our lunch ;) Plus, I have a picky 12 yr old who won't just eat anything. Me, I don't care, I'll eat anything,LOL prolly why my butt's so big! :HistericalSmiley:
I called her today and she picked right up. Keep trying she said as long as she gets it this weekend.:thumbsup:
The thing you want most is that goodie bag. It is certainly worth the $10 registration.

The luncheon, and the boxed lunch would also be good to get. I especially recommend the boxed lunch because with everything going on, it is the best way to eat and not miss anything good.
Hopefully i will be able to register tomorrow. I didn't think i was going because my day off request was rejected and than i found out yesterday that my other manager said i could have the day off if i wanted and i knew that the 28th was the last day to register so i thought all hope was lost.
Well I am going to go ahead and mail it today. It's Friday, she might not get it until Monday. But I am going to call her again today. I am sure she has A LOT of people calling her.
sure try calling ;) hope it works out

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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