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Kirby playing Fish :>)

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Ok, I just got a Flip Video camera and my daughter and I have been trying to take some videos of Kirby playing fish and doing all the other cute stuff he has. Here is a short video of him playing fish. We need some practice with this camera. I hate to tell you how long it took me to figure out how to put in on Youtube :smilie_tischkante:


I hope I did this right....I thought the video would post and not the link:huh:
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Kirby is so cute..He sure enjoying playing fish.
That Kirby is one hilarious dude:HistericalSmiley:Thanks for the video:wub:
That is so cute.
Thanks for sharing.
That is sooo cute...don't you just hate it when the "fish" throws the hook and gets away. Blue monkeys must be good bait,since the "fish" bit again!
That video was just adorable! He's such a cutie!! :wub:
that must be the cutest fish ^_^ loved it

That is too cute! He is such a darling fluff! I also have the Flip Video camera and love it!
Don't let that fish get away....he's too cute! :wub:
Haha! We call that dustmop at our house. >}}}'>
He likes that Mama!!! He is adorable~~~Love it!!!:chili:
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