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Just looking thru some photos and thought I'd share my attempt at a kitty's Lily, she'll be 14 in August.


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OMG she is soooo cute!!! That expression is so cute and funny. I love cats so much!!
AWW she's so cute!!!
Her expression seems to say "fine, fine, just get this over with.."
Cats kill me, they can sleep sitting there like that~ I know because I have them~~~~
:wub: she looks like she needs to cuddle with me.:wub: She's going to be 14:blink: wow she looks so much younger
awwh what a precious looking kitty <3
A maltese colored kitty!!! She's sweet...what a demure little lady! :)
Lily looks so sweet sleeping :wub: Looks like she has the softest coat ever!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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