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Kitzel is 3 months!

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I will try posting a thread (this does not feel user friendly to me but I am not tech savy). Kitzel is 3 months old so I added some new photos to his album page---please have a look. I hope this post works! Happy greetings from Greece---summer is here! Yeh! B)
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Just checked outthe pics. Little Kitzi is soooo cute :)
happy three months ! gonna chk out pics now.
ur baby is precious !
Awww he is so precious!!! How is his personality? He looks very sweet!!

I have trouble posting photos too..but I've found photobucket a bit easier to use..although you have to create an account..but it's fairly easy after that.
such a cutie pie <3

Kitzel is very cute...I love the pic when Kitzel is standing!!!
I love the pic of her dancing. Myah does that but I'm not fast enough with the camera. Seems like she has alot of hair around her face for 3 months. I cant wait until Myah's hair is long enough for top knot.

Your baby is too cute.
You are all soooo supportive! Thanks for viewing his album! And yes, he is mostly hair! I can't wait until next Mon to have him weighed at the vets. He is a good eater, a good sleeper, a good wee-pad user, very quick to learn and such a sweet personality. We got him from Szilvi Groff and she is a terrific lady----he is well bred. After losing 3 dogs in 3 yrs. (one rescue, one grand-dog who stayed w/us until he died and one that I bred 18 yrs. ago when I wanted to be a breeder :). . .he is sheer delight!
I enjoy the forum very much! There is a dog show here in Greece June 19-20th so plan to try and pick up a few things there.
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