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Lacie and I Had "Words"

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As most of you know, Lacie hates thunderstorms, and it's been monsoon season in New Mexico. Every afternoon for the past 4-5 days, we've had thunderstorms.

We have a doggie door for the girls to go in and out to do their potties and Tilly is excellent about going out -- thunderstorms or not.

As a puppy, Lacie was trained to go on potty pads put has been using the doggie door since she was a year old (she's almost 6 now). I do, however, put pads down for her if we're travelling or if there's a storm because I know that she's afraid to go outside.

2 nights ago, after I got home, I opened my bedroom door (the only room in the house with carpet) and after dinner, Lacie went into my bedroom. I could see her from the family room and told her to get out of there. She came out for a second and then went back in. I told her to come back out and she did and then went back in a 3rd time. And then she started to make her poopie circle. I grabbed her and pushed her out through the doggie door. Tilly was about to come in through the doggie door but decided that she's better stay outside with Lacie. Lacie gave me "the look" -- I know that you've all seen that look from time to time, but she did go ahead and do her potty outside.

Yesterday when I got home, right after dinner, Lacie did her pee pee right in front of me on the bathmat I use under the pads. I didn't have a pad down at the time, so wasn't sure if she thought she was going in the right place or if she was being naughty. I didn't scold her for doing this as I wasn't certain why she did her potty there instead of going outside, except that is where she would go if I had a pad in place.

The only reason I can think of for her not going out to do her potty is because the BIG, BAD STORM MONSTERS will try to get her.

What do you think?
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Sounds likely to me. Might seem a bit scary out there. Maybe take her out a few times and give her treats for going, may diminish the negative connotations. LOL I must admit that if I take Lola's pee pad up and get distracted and not put another down, she will go right on the floor where it should be without any qualms at all. Funny as if we go away anywhere she has no problem going on her pee pad even though it isn't in "the right place"
owww,I think she was afraid of the storms and going out again and if I forget to put a pad down or they are full, my dogs
(like yours go out or use a pad bc of weather)
will go somewhere in the bathroom where their pads are too.
I don't scold them as at least they are in the right room and am glad they didn't go on the carpet/rugs in my other rooms.
Im grateful they know how to use both.
Sometimes my Lhasa will pee just on the edge and I don't know wheather to scold her or not.
Lacie did great, they are so sensitive.:wub:
p.s. I never consider them totally trained, it's always a huge praising ordeal.
We got back from Vermont the other day and my DH had taken up one of Tyler's pads. Well Tyler went in that exact spot on the floor. I couldn't be mad because we were really at fault. Of course it seemed like a really big pee I guess because I'm so used to the pad soaking it up. Luckily it was on flooring and not carpet. I'm sure Lacie's fear of the storms is what made her go inside. And she wanted to go out of your sight because she knew you wouldn't be happy. I think the fear of thunder trumps the wanting to do the right thing.
Aww, poor Lacie. :( I really think she went on the rug only because you normally have her potty pad there, otherwise I doubt she would just walk over to it and pee on it with you standing right there without trying to hide or give the "oops" look. I sure wish you could find some way to calm her during storms.
Muffy use to freak out during storms, he would try and hide behind the toliet:w00t:, I bet Lacie was fearful to go outside.
B&B barks and you better be there, she will squat and do her thing anywhere any time,:angry: she's so weird she barks 4 times waits to hear you coming, if your not right there she will squat:w00t: Weird thing is we can be gone from home for a time and she never goes until we get back home.
Awww Lynn, bless sweet Lacie. Oh Lynn, my Flakey (RIP) was petrified of storms. My Flakey bless his soul, did have several anxiety issues. Normally, he would not let me pick him up, but if a storm was on the way, oh he begged Mommy to pick him up. And I did, and would rock him in a chair. As soon as the storm was over, he wanted down. What I did was probably the wrong thing, meaning, I should have desensitized him to the storms.

Knowing, that Flakey had this problem, when I got Mia and Leo, and I knew a storm was coming, I put soft music on and played games. Neither of them are bothered by the storm.

My two are pad trained inside. All of my furbabies were.

Lynn, what I would try and do, is find out how to remove her anxiety that she suffers with when a storm comes. Perhaps when a storm comes, play soft music, at a nice volume, and distract her with happy things or ask Jackie how to go about desenitizing her from storms.

Lynn, I wouldn't force her outside while the storm is going on. More then likely she probably won't even potty outside duiring that time, she probably will just be too frightened and I think would only heighten her anxiety to the storms.

Bless her Lynn, I've seen the anxiety that my Flakey went through, he was the same way with fireworks :(. Now with fireworks, what I did was, happily ask him if he wanted to go for a walk, and while we were walking, I distracted him with happy things, and believe it or not, it did help him alot. But his anxiety with storms was far worse then with fireworks.

Good luck with this and will be thinking of you and sweet Lacie.
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I know you've said how sensitive Lacie is so I would think that her fear of the storms bothers her more than it would a not so sensitive fluff. I don't think she would tinkle in the wrong place on purpose Lynn. It must be the fear of the storms that makes her want to stay inside plus the fact that you didn't have a pad down in the normal spot. Just be patient Mommy, as you have been. I guess the "wrap" didn't help huh? Poor baby.
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