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Lacie & Tilly - All Clean

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I seldom remember to grab the camera, but tonight after the girls had their weekly baths, I was in the office and my phone was laying next to the computer, so I snapped a couple of quick pics. Not the best, but I still thought I would share.

Don't you just love it when your fluffs are all clean!!!:chili::chili:

Here's a couple of Lacie. I know she looks yellow because of the lighting in the office. She really is white -- trust me. LOL


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And here's one of Tilly -- she really is white too -- apparently not in this lighting. LOL


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Don't you just hate when your lighting makes them look so yellow!!! No matter the color Lacie and Tilly look adorable all clean and posing for their pictures!
I'm sure it's the lighting. You can put them in Photobucket and make them B&W.:HistericalSmiley: Nothing like a squeaky clean Malt to bury your face and nose in. Tyler got his bath last night and he must have thought I was a lunatic because I kept smelling him and oohing and aahing. Probably thinking "What a guy has to put up with.":blush:
The girls look all snuggly.:wub: I have the same problem with the lighting, my pictures always turn out yellow and fuzzy. One day i may learn how to use my camera, and it's just a Sony Cybershot. :)
:tender: oh Lynn they looks so soft and I can almost smell how clean they are. your girls are so pretty:wub: I've had 4 other dogs in my married years but there is nothing like a fresh bathed maltese:wub: they remind me of a new baby:wub:
I'll bet they smell so sweet!
Cute piggy tails on Lacie!
Your Tilly has such nice eyes.
Gorgeous fluffy little girl :) You just need to change the white balance on your camera for the shots with unnatural lighting and they will come out the right colour.
They are so lovely...what precious babies!!!! Now I'm chastising myself because yesterday was supposed to be bath day for my three too :oops: ... well, today's a new day... hope for some clean doggies today, right?!!! :blush:
They smell so clean from the computer screen!! Adorable!!
The girls look precious Lynn. Nothing like right after a bath cuddling!!!!
Thanks all -- I just love the way they smell right after their bath. So clean and fresh.
Oh they looks so clean and snuggily! Mine are due for their baths today too!
They look so soft and clean! I love Lacie's little pigtails, they are so cute. Bath days are usually the only days I take pictures of my two...after a couple of days they start looking not-so-fresh, lol, but they love playing outside so I let them. ;)
oh, those are the sweetest pics of Lacey and Tilly!!:wub::wub:
The girls are looking clean and soft. I like Lacie's piggies :thumbsup:
Your pups are soo cute and I love their names :)
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