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Lacie's Happy Dance

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Lacie has a special little Happy Dance :chili::chili:that she uses whenever she's excited about something.

She does a few circles to let me know how happy she is. She will do this whenever she wants me to pick her up -- 5-6 circles and then she backs up to me as she believes that it's easier for me to pick up up if her tail is facing me.

Then if I ask if she wants to go "bye-bye" she does her 5-6 circles and waits by the door -- smiling.

She also seems to always do her circle dance when it's time for breakfast or dinner. As soon as I start to put her bowl down she does 5-6 circles and then begins to eat her food. (She doesn't do this for cookies, however.)

So -- do any of your fluffs do the circle dance? I love for her to do it because I know how happy she is. :biggrin::biggrin::wub:
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:brownbag: One of Tyler's favorite happy dance moments is when.....we take out the garbage.:HistericalSmiley: Really. He hears us pull the bag out of the cabinet we have for garbage and recylcing and he starts dancing around in circles and doing that sneezing to get attention thing. Then he heads for the door to go down the hall to the compactor room in our apt house. It's the funniest thing. He won't do that for food, just for garbage.:w00t: He also does it when I'm working and tho he's pad trained he loves going to the park. Nearly every day lately I'm concentrating on work and I hear the sneezing and he's prancing around saying, "Mom, enough with that work stuff. Take a break and take me to the park." Of course I do.:wub:
Diamond has adorable happy dances.
She does have a circle dance. This is reserved for extra special treats (doggie peanut butter cookies) and bits of freshly cooked people food (e.g. some unseasoned cooked ground beef).
Her other dance involves picking up a toy in her mouth, wagging her tail furiously and shaking her bum. Her whole body kind of wiggles in this dance.
We've seen a few other maltese do happy dances. They are the cutest little things in the world when they dance.
awwh sounds adorable ^_^

Crystal and Snowy do happy dances too when excited.

Yes both Bailey and Sophie do the happy dance. I think it's adorable :wub:
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