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Lady's New Maltese TuTu!

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Actually, it's a ruffled vest, not a tutu. It's from Prissy Paws Fashions.

Don't you love it?

You can see the fabric better in the other picture. It's so cute!

Tutus make Lady so sassy! She was prancing around which is why it's an "in motion" picture!


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Marj -- Lady looks like such a...lady.:wub::wub: She just looks so poised and perfect in that vest. I really think it's tutu worthy. And of course she's got the perfect bow to round out the picture. Just beautiful. (sigh)
I love it! I ordered a ruffled vest from Prissy Paws. We're supposed to attend a meetup with a puppy prom theme. I hope we won't be out of town.
OMG, it's times like these I wish I had a little girl too!!! She looks so pretty in that!:wub:
Lady you are so pretty, and your mommy makes the prettiest matching bows!
Lady, yuo look so stylish and beautiful today:wub::wub:
Lady is working that tutu!!! She looks so cute in it.
Oh, how gorgeous! Perfect for Miss Lady! :wub: And I love the matching bow! :thumbsup:
Lady, you look so pretty in your vest!! Your Mommy takes such good care of you!
Marj, Lady looks beautiful. She is looking so young and prissy these days. I love the little ruffled vest/dress.
I just can't believe how great she looks. She has definitely found the "Fountain of Youth" -- and sassy to boot. You can't beat that!!!
oh I totall LOVE it ^_^ looks great and Lady - oh my, I wanna just shower that face with kisses

Lady does look sassy! It's so precious on her!!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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