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Leila and I went to a doggy birthday party last Saturday at one of the cutest little dog boutiques here in Newport. I thought I'd share some pics of Leila and her new friends. :)

After that, I put some pictures of some outdoor time with Leila and her live-in (kitty) friend Lexi. Lexi is indoor only, but we recently got her a special kitty leash and harness so she's been venturing out a little into the backyard.


Welcome to the party!

We're ready to celebrate!

Another one of our new friends:

I'm ready for cake, now!

Nico and his special, dog-friendly birthday cake. The inside is made of a special peanut butter filling with mashed potato frosting. It was a huge hit!

Leila liked it, too!


Hi, Birthday Boy!

Woo hooo, I love to party!

White Fluff Attack!

Leila struck up an unlikely friendship with this sweetie, Panzer.

Honestly, one of the gentlest, most polite dogs I've ever met (despite the scary appearance! )

We even made a maltese friend!

OK, That was fun, but I'm ready to leave now! Let's go, mommy!


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And now for our outdoor time!

Leila bringing Lexi for a walk ;)

Lexi enjoying the tree

Mmmm I love tree time!

OK, all eyes back on me, now!

I'm an outdoorsy girl

Like my pose?


I found a stick!

Ooooh windy!

And one picture of my handsome boy Luca, who held down the fort inside.

Time to go back inside now. Thanks for looking!


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:ThankYou:Everyone for the lovely compliments! You know just how to flatter a girl! :blush: Although, I think Leila is already pretty full of herself as it is....:innocent:

OMG what a cutie pie!!! She is so darling...and look how tiny she looks next to all the other dogs! lol
I KNOW!!! I always forget how tiny she is until we're around other dogs. Even the cavaliers and the bichon looked HUGE to me after seeing Leila day in and day out. When the mom to the bichon asked how much Leila weighed and I told her a little over two pounds, she asked me if she was OK...:blink:

Wow, Leila looks gorgeous :wub2:and what a bunch of nice photos of all the other creatures: dogs and cats.

I really love those pictures of the cats. Almost makes me wish I had one. Uhoh, putting down the mouse and walking slowly away from the computer now.:sweatdrop:
Hmm...I don't know, Leila has tons of fun with the kitties! They're the best "interactive toys" around :thumbsup:. I adore them, but before Leila came around all they did was sleep. Now I get huge laughs every day from them chasing Leila around the living room (and vice versa).

Leila's quite the party girl, huh?:wub: Great pictures and what a fun event. Love the outdoor shots but some of them look like fall with all the leaves on the ground.:blink:
Leila definitely is becoming more of a social butterfly. I'm so glad, because when we first got her, although she was really comfortable with people, she would shake around stranger dogs. Now, she seems disinterested at worst, playful at best.

As for the leaves...I guess the maintenance guys never did clean up from the fall and now that the snow is gone, they've made their reappearance. My pictures do look very autumn-y though, for sure. :)
We'll have to do a sunny beach photo shoot one of these days for summer.

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Absolutely love you pictures...they look like pics in a magazine! And you have a very photogenic doggie and cat. I see your dog does well with socializing with other dogs...(sigh)...maybe someday for Rocky.
Aww thanks :) She didn't used to do so well with other dogs (scared) but she's great, now. I took a 6 week puppy class with her, we go to small breed playgroup, I try to go to any doggy events at nearby boutiques, etc., and tonight we start small breed obedience. Even though I don't personally know many people with dogs around here, she gets lots of socialization and now she's VERY comfortable with other dogs. I do NOT let her greet dogs on the street or in the park because I don't know their temperaments and even if their owners say it's fine, most dogs have not been around a 2lb ball of fluff, and I'm not willing to be the guinea pig. Anywhere else, ff there's a dog that tends to be more rambunctious/rough I keep her away from him/her so she doesn't become fearful again. Introducing her to really quiet, gentle dogs has really helped. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Ashley Thanks for sharing... it looked like so much fun at the party.. and the 2 pictures before and after the cake!! Surely she didn't eat all that ?? If she weighs 2 # .. it looks like she ate a full # of cake?! Jeanne
She did finish all the cake in the bowl, actually! I asked for only a smaller piece, but she gobbled it right up! She probably would've had more if I'd let her--she REALLY loved the frosting. She is starting to eat pretty well for a tiny little thing :aktion033:

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By the way, I forgot to mention, Leila is somewhat prejudiced when it comes to her playmates! Although she'll tolerate other dogs and sniff around them, then she's finished. The other Malt. was the only dog she would actively seek out and chase around! So funny...his owner said he is the same way!
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