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It's been quite a while since I posted any pictures of Ms. Leila, so I thought I'd show you how big my little girl is getting! She's 7.5 months now and we're doing the dreaded tear stain battle right now with the teething, so I haven't taken as many pics as I used to. Anyway, here she is! :wub:

Here's her coat! I did a little trimming to try to even it up a bit since some strands were much longer than others. We're debating a summer cut right now..

In one of our favorite bows :)

We love pigtails!

Leila at my college graduation today. Not sure why i'm making that face :blink: but it's the only pic of the two of us with me in the cap & gown!

Headed to lunch!

At lunch. Leila was very interested in our drink (check out the tongue! :HistericalSmiley:) but only because she likes to lick the condensation off the side of drinks--I promise, she isn't a drunk :w00t:

Here are a few where Leila lets her hair down ;) I love her this way; but as soon as she moves it falls back down into her face.

I'll post a video soon with her new tricks--she's up to 10 now (sit, dance, turn, high 5, paw, touch, down, which one, stay, fetch). She's such a smart little baby.

Thanks for looking, all Leila's loving aunties on SM :thumbsup:

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Ashley - thanks for posting these pix. They're great. Just love the one with you in cap and gown with her. :wub::wub: So nice to have Leila share such a special milestone in your life! And she is so beautiful. Love her hair in bows and out. She's just precious and obviously very smart with all her tricks. Can't wait to see them. Congratulations on graduation.:chili::smartass:
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